International cooperation talk

Access to global information is extremely easy nowadays for our youth, and this can often lead to the loss of perspective and understanding of other populations’ reality.

Through these talks, we aim to raise awareness among our youth towards global poverty and the situation of population victim of humanitarian crises or living in conflict zones. On the other hand, we aim at spreading our knowledge about how international cooperation and humanitarian aid respond to these situations.

In a world where today more people are forced to leave their homes than after the Second World War, it is crucial that future generations understand their present and future responsibility as members of civil society in the face of a situation that seems far from improving.

These talks are addressed to students of any age.

From 75 to 120 minutes
Face to face
Spanish, Catalan, English and French


Raise students' awareness about global poverty and the role of international cooperation and humanitarian aid to assist populations’ victims who fall victim of war and/or humanitarian crises.


The content of this talk includes the introduction to basic concepts such as:

  • Introduction to Human Rights
  • Global data on wealth, population, access to health and education
  • Difference between development cooperation and humanitarian aid
  • Reality of victims of humanitarian crises
  • International cooperation as a possible future profession
  • Introduction to specific technical response subjects on demand


All facilitators of the Cooperativa Humanitaria are willing to share with the students their knowledge and experiences acquired in the field in order to promote meaningful learning and allow the participants to have a first direct contact with humanitarian aid professionals.

These talks are be very participative in order to encourage and actively involve the students in their learning experience and in the understanding of worldwide reality.

Previous experiences

  • Escola Montagut, Vilafranca del Penedès
  • University Nursing School of Sant Joan de Déu, Barcelona
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